Shoes, a girl's best friend. Now finally available in België/Belgique!

Unfortunately those lovely shoes get easily damaged... Luckily, there's a solution now!
CITYHEELS™ protects your high heels against scratches and dents! Now available and directly shipped from België/Belgique!







Strong. Protective. Invisible.
CITYHEELS™ is a clear dual-layer protective film that seals high heels from scratches and dents in a discrete and fashionable way. The film consists of one soft base layer for impact absorption and a hard top coat layer for scratch resistance. It’s hardly visible to the eye, but make no mistake: CITY HEELS™ is always there to protect against dangers your shoes are exposed to.


Easy on the eyes, gentle on your shoes.
CITYHEELS™ is easy to apply. The thin, transparent and flexible film wraps tightly around the curves of your high heels and offers long-lasting protection for your shoes. But if you want, it can be taken off at any time.

The engineered polymer adhesive leaves no residue.